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for dogs and their humans

DogoMotion is an activity designed for humans and their dogs to exercise, dance and play together.

It is not a dog training session, nor a dance class, indeed it is a multidirectional approach, meaning that it’s not only aiming to develop the skills of the dog, but of their human, allowing them to have a more solid relationship based on trust, listening and physical connection.​

Why is it good for me and my dog?

  • You will enjoy some quality time with your dog and will get to know other like minded humans

  • You can keep yourself and your dog fit at the same time, as DogoMotion is providing

       exercise to both of you

  • You will learn some tools how to take care and reconnect with your own body

  • You will be able to add the newly learnt exercises into your daily routine, making it more fun and diverse for both of you

  • You will develop a stronger bond with your four legged partner by using tools of non-verbal communication

  • You will be able to sense and understand better canine communication

  • You will discover the joy of movement and dancing in a non-judgmental space and community, having the best coach on your side: YOUR DOG!

For further info feel free to CONTACT US!

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