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A contemporary dance piece which seeks to make a social critique and add to the visibility of the situation of women in society. This piece has been created with the collaboration of 10 dancers, women from different parts of the world, with different experiences of oppression and approach to deconstruct the norms that the heteronormative and patriarchal system defined in their bodies.

Choreography and direction:

Valeria Vázquez

Dancers and co-creators:

Kata Balogh, Esther Martí, ClaraTorres, Marta Daniel, Lucia Carrano, Clio Van Kerm, Candela Cantor,                                            Carolina Barbiel, Judith Rodríguez, Carmela Queirolo

In collaboration with:

Espai Jove Fontana; Cc Barceloneta; La Levanda;  nunArt Guinardó; Area, Espai de Dansa i Creació

Supported by:

FONCA (Mexico) 

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