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Prácticas colectivas 

june 2020, Barcelona

During the month of July 2020, in the midst of the “new normality”, we felt the need to open our initiative to our colleagues in the dance sector and other performing arts and we launched the first sessions of our Collective Practices.

The proposal of these practices is to investigate and improvise in urban spaces and is motivated by the desire to reappropriate the street through artistic expression.

We believe in the importance of inhabiting public spaces with activities that are not of consumption and with this we have the dream of feeling the streets and squares more alive.

We also felt the need to meet again, this time instead of rooms and theaters, in visib​le and shared spaces, reinventing the ways of practicing our profession.

With these collective practices we also want to generate a situation of horizontal exchange and make visible the work around the performing arts.​

Prácticas Colectivas VOL I - ATMOSPHERES - Pl. Virreina

with Lucia Carrano, Milagros García, Dasha Lavrennikov

Prácticas Colectivas VOL II - DISTANCES - Font Mágica de Montjuic

with Kata Balogh y Neilor Moreno

Prácticas Colectivas VOL III - RHYTHMS - Parque de la Ciutadella

with Lucia Carrano, Clementine Telésfort, Marc Vilajuana, Aymeric Forner,

Gaia Magrané, Clara Torres, Neilor Moreno, Yucef Zraiby, María Paz Marciano,

María-Clara Dornelas, Carmela Queirolo

Prácticas Colectivas VOL IV - EVERYDAY SITUATIONS- Mercat de Barceloneta

cancelled due to covid restricitions

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