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2014, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria

'RIVE responded to the question of the present and the future meaning of rivers. Historically rivers are not only a main source and centre of life, but carriers of meaning for human interaction. We traveled the length of the River Danube, inviting people from the Black Forest to the Black Sea to share experiences and values. Our floating venue offered a wide-ranging cultural program, exploring the connecting and dividing forces of the Danube and addressing cross-national issues. The New York Times titled the project: “Ambassadors of culture”.'

Role in the project: Volunteer, project assistant

Partners: IP Tanz (DE) , D.ID Dance Identity (AT) , Meteorit Theatre (SK) , SKCNS (RS) , Derida Dance (BG) , Polish Robert Schuman Foundation (PL)

Supported by: Creative Europe Culture Programme

Project website:

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