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may 2020, Barcelona

This research project was born out of the need to re-inhabit the streets and squares in Barcelona since it was possible to leave confinement to play sports. What interested us in this project was to gently enter the everyday and public space, without pretension, but more as an opportunity to listen and collect all information that is in a unique and global experience of the present moment. As a first practice we have chosen 5 spaces in the city, 5 colors that we they represented certain qualities, themes to associate with.

Every day we stay in a different place, with a different color, keeping the safety distance and for 10 minutes we were standing, without moving, looking at each other, listening to the atmospheres that passed through us and of which we were part.

The second practice was to go back to these same places, letting the information piercing us will leave the body freer to respond through its movement.


Concept and performance Kata Balogh, Lucia Carrano

Documentation:  Szilveszter Jenei

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