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2017, Budapes, abaúszolnok, felsövadász, Szakácsi

Summer Academy for Non-Formal Youth Practices aimed to address the challenges taking place in the education of underprivileged children from remote areas, facing a lack of basic human competence.

Based on the recognition that stage is an exceptionally effective asset of community building, our core team established new ways of social work through arts and culture to work with the disadvantaged youth.

The aim of the programme was to bring together underprivileged youth and young youth workers who will foster social integration and peer to peer learning.

The exchange took place in a multilingual and multicultural environment which was an important experience for the participating youngsters.

During our programme we did not only bring together the youngsters, but we was also give new aspects and tools for them by providing them with different types of pedagogical, psychological, sociological and artistic approaches. Our interactive and participant-based activities were in line with a creation period.

At the end of the creation participant performed small shows in the framework of a festival.

Role in the project: Project manager

Partners: Ponte tra Culture (IT), StudioSkit (PL), Association STEFANOPEROCCO (FR), Anadolu University (TR), FysioArt (CH)

Udruzene gradana “Kosnica” (SRB), Asocacion Raices de Coriander (ES)

Supported by: Erasmus +

Project website:

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