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2021, Barcelona

W@ZAP#..? is a street arts project, directed by Kata Balogh, that fueses contemporary dance, physical theatre and mobile technologies in the context of urban public space. It's main theme is the social, spatial, sensory and bodily consequences of the excessive use of smartphones in our day to day lives. A mirror constructed of different bodies, screens and gazes in order to ask ourselves the question: "What's Up?"   

Concept, choreography & direction:

Kata Balogh

Performers and co-creators:

Aymeric Forner, Clio Van Kerm, Lorenzo Massa, Maria-Clara Dornelas

Project assitant:

Yucef Zraiby

In collaboration with:

Centre Cívic Barceloneta (Annual residency in 21/22),  Centre Cívic Teixonera, nunArt Guinardó

Watch teaser >>

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