2021, Barcelona

‘W@zap#..?’ is a site-specific interdisciplinary performance in creation, that operates with the tools of contemporary dance, performance and low-tech technologies in order to address the issue of the social, spatial, sensory and bodily consequences of the use of smartphones and social media in today's society. 

An innovative and interactive proposal in which different disciplines, bodies and spaces are intertwined in order to question the digitalization of the contemporary realities.

Concept, choreography & direction:

Kata Balogh

Performers and co-creators:

Aymeric Forner, Clio Van Kerm, Lorenzo Massa, Maria-Clara Dornelas

Project assitant:

Yucef Zraiby

In collaboration with:

Centre Cívic Barceloneta, Centre Cívic Teixonera, nunArt Guinardó